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Cookies Policy

Cookies can be divided up into "first party cookies" and "third party cookies":

- "first party cookies" are created by the entity responsible for data handling which operates the website, in this case INDY PRODUCCIONES AUDIOVISUALES S.L as owner of the Website

- "third party cookies" are created by entities responsible for data handling which do not operate the website visited by the USER, i.e. third party companies external to INDY PRODUCCIONES AUDIOVISUALES.

The INDY PRODUCCIONES AUDIOVISUALES Website uses the following "cookies":

CookiePurposeDuration of the "cookie"

Session (first party cookie)This is used to identify the registered users. It is necessary to avoid having to request the user’s name and password on every web page accessed.Expires when the session is closed. Nevertheless, the user may opt not to close the session when closing the browser and, in this case, we add a persistent cookie which expires after a month.

Google Analytics (third party cookie)Analysis of user profiles, measurement of traffic data.Google controls the expiry time for these cookies. They normally expire after two years.

Youtube (third party cookie) Cookies implemented by Google on any Website that includes a YouTube video are used to measure the number and behavior of YouTube users.Cookies are installed only when the user hits "play" to display the corresponding video. Google controls the expiration date of these cookies. Session cookies expire once the session ends while persistent cookies may have a lifespan of up to ten years.

INDY PRODUCCIONES AUDIOVISUALES understands that, by browsing the WEBSITE, the USER has been informed and consents to the installation of the aforementioned "cookies" on his/her computer.

In any event, the USER can always personalise the use of "cookies", and prevent the compilation of "cookies" by modifying the USER’s own browser options. Some of the most common are: 

  • - Firefox: Options\Privacy\Tracking ell websites I do not wish to be tracked.

  • - Chrome: Chrome Menu\Settings\Show advanced options\Privacy\Content settings\Cookies\Block cookies by default. 

  • - Safari: Preferences\Privacy\Block Cookies.

  • - Explorer: Tools\Internet Options\Privacy\Settings\ move the sliding control right to the top to block all cookies or right to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click on OK/Accept.

Blocking "cookies" completely may prevent certain websites from displaying their content correctly.

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